Good bye Chile!

It was possible!

After so many years of fantasizing about leaving latin america for good, leaving all that bullshit that was forcibly fed to us from our childhoods onwards to our adulthoods. I managed to do something that i was repeatedly told that was impossible, working as a professional in another country without following a formal education path.

Well, i am doing exactly that right now and more. The first step was actually doing that in my own country, and since our educational system is flawed from the core, getting the oh so needed tools to get a job in tech was fairly straight forward. After gathering some work experience, perfecting work skills and having a fare share of english practice by having the luck of getting Indians in my work team, i managed to get a cool job position in a company in the USA.

The process started at the beginning of 2020, right along with the blowout of the pandemic, so obviously it was quite a bit weird to say the least. I had to stay quarantined for the most part of the year and luckily in tech companies can afford to have their teams work completely remote. After doing all the paperwork for the work visa and actually getting a document that certified my professional experience and made it equivalent to a bachelors in computer science, i was able to travel from Santiago to Denver. It was a pretty long flight, i was nervous as fuck and couldn't quite comprehend and digest that i was leaving my whole previous life in Chile to start a new one in the United States (the hardest part was saying goodbye to my cat Nimbus, leaving her with her mom is by far the saddest part in this whole process).

When i landed, i was picked up by my friend Nicolas who is also my colleague, and i spent a couple of months living and working from his basement. It was super cool to live with him and i felt in a home environment right away, im always gonna be grateful to my dude Nico for helping me out ( and when it's my turn, i'll offer a helping hand to the dude that comes, obviously ).

This was my work setup at my friends basement

After getting to know how things work in here, i started setting up a bank account, getting a phone chip, setting up the must have apps, looking for an apartment lease close to work, getting to know the town ( which wasn't really a priority since i was pretty traumatized with the pandemic and didn't want to die ).

Big plane description

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